Dear Charlie Duke, how does Earth look from the Moon? 2012 

Charlie Duke

Charlie Duke (*1935) is one of only 12 men who have walked on the Moon. His journey aboard the Apollo 16 mission lasted more than 11 days, of which almost three were spent on the lunar surface. During his daily lunar excursions, he occasionally found the time to gaze at the Earth and out into Space through the visor of his moonwalker suit.

I met Charlie on the occasion of a lecture he gave in Zurich, where I approached him with the proposition for a work similar to «Space from Space»11—see Space from Space. He accepted, and we exchanged the three posters that I prepared22—Max Grüter was so kind as to render Charlie's gloved left hand holding the Earth. starting from the questions that arose out our discussion about the view of Earth from the Moon.

The first image on each poster is a photograph that Charlie himself has taken, or—in the case of the second poster—the «reality» that Charlie would have perceived due to the geometry of the Earth, its distance from the Moon, and Charlie's arm's length. The three other images on each poster were created to amplify the aspect in question, which enables us to calibrate the human view of Earth from the Moon.

To my surprise, Charlie's third answer led to me having to rework the Galileo Lightboxes ...

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