On A Universe Turned Inward 2015

Christian Waldvogel's artist's project for frieze d/e is a development of Globus Cassus, his contribution to the 2004 Venice Architecture Biennale. There, Waldvogel attempted to visualize a techno-utopian inversion of planet Earth in a larger, concave sphere.

For the project On a Universe Turned Inward, Waldvogel applies this inversion to the human body β€” from birth to death, Courbet to Bacon β€” as well as to the entire cosmos, with its intersection of time, space and infinity.  JΓΆrg Heiser

Published as an artist project in Frieze d/e No. 22, November 2015

From within the origin, 2015
Beyond the constellations, 2011-15
Concept for an object containing the entire (visible) universe, 2014
Repeated Readings of an inconceiveable form / Bacon's Venus, 2014/15
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